Cazal 163/302 Sunglasses

Color: 011 Matt Black/Red


These are the iconic Cazal 163 Sunglasses, part of the Cazal Legends line. Experience true baller status with the bold geometric pilot shaped lenses,18K Gold double bridge temples, and etched line bridge design. This is for when you want to be noticed and stand out. You’re from the past but also possibly the future. If only Marty McFly had a pair of these, just imagine would he have dropped some rhymes in 1955? Available in both 163/3, 163/301 or 163/302 variants plus the Optical non-sunglass version (clear lenses). 

Cool Features:

  • Bold Design, Large Lenses that frame the face
  • Very cool matte black frames that are subtle but still make a statement
  • Red on temples with Gold Accents underneath temples. Really pops with some color
  • Gray Gradient lenses that filter out UVA and UVB light and offer a more fashionable look. Can be worn inside as well
  • Comes with Original Cazal Legends case, microfiber bag, Cazal microfiber, and mini Cazal booklet
  • Comes with extended 2-year Warranty – We are an AUTHORIZED DEALER search for zip 96753



  • Sizing is listed as 59/12-135 This is a pretty standard fit for Cazal
  • All eyewear is measured in mm (millimeters like this).

                    The 59 refers to the size of the lens in mm. This is on the larger side.

                    The 12 is the length of the bridge (upper space above your nose between the lenses – this distance between the lenses). This is pretty standard.

                    The last number, the 135, is the length of the temples which is the part that goes from the lens sides back to your ears. For most Cazals, it is either 135 or 140 for temple length. There are some at 130.


Created by famed Eyewear designer Cari Zalloni, the German “Cazal” luxury eyewear brand was launched in1979. Blending his backgrounds of architecture and music, the frame designs are distinctive, unique and unlike anything else you have seen. Called jewelry for the face by some, the bold design elements and lines take the wearer into superstar territory. Cari was not afraid to defy standard conventions and push the envelope. Make no mistake, these are statement pieces. You will turn heads. You will be noticed. People will ask. You will make new friends. You will portray confidence and timeless cool. With the combined vibe and opulence of the cocaine Disco era 70’s and 1980’s Hip-Hop, these hard to find frames are very sought after. Made famous by Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC, Buffy from the Fat Boys, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce, Spike Lee, Fergie, Gwen Stefanie, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross,  Al Pacino, Lady Gaga, Usher, Brad Pitt … the list goes on. These are for ballers and shot callers – THE BOSS.


All Cazal eyewear is still hand made in Passau Germany in small batches using the same processes and techniques they always have, always my hand. That is the mark of true luxury – doing it the right way and not cutting corners.  All models start with a German Titanium Frame and High-Grade Acetate. Any “Gold” coloring on the frames is actual 18K Gold or 24K Gold in select Limited Edition models. Every pair of CAZAL frames goes through 35 different processes during production and the hinges undergo 50,000 different motions to ensure durability for extensive use. There are only a handful of old-school eyewear companies left that operate at this level of quality and craftmanship. The classic frame designs are constantly being retired for a period then re-released along with new limited colorways. Check back for new colors and styles that are brought back from the vault. Stay FRESH!

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