Audrey Hepburn 7" Natural Raffia Shapable Hat

Color: Natural
Size: Small


Our 7" shapeable and packable natural raffia hats are the perfect travel hat for all your sunny destinations. Exactly like something Audrey Hepburn would wear, these hats exude elegance and style. Flip the brim up, flip it down. Expose one side and hide yourself under the other side. The dramatic possibilities will satisfy any fashionistas' needs.

Three neutral colors listed here, and they all come sized Small, Medium or Large for a perfect fit.

The natural raffia is one of the best materials a hat cam be made from as it is very durable and flexible. These hats are truly handmade as all straws must be hand woven. That is why you don't see many raffia hats out there (most are paper or synthetic mixes to produce hats cheaper). Crafted by artisans!

These hats are a true work of art, all handmade in Madagascar where raffia is grown. The company that make these employ single mothers and they also give back to the community by helping support the building of schools in their native homeland.  Also certified fair trade company which you won't see out there. Wear a stylish hat and also feel great you are helping support local people in Madagascar! 

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