Bad Hombre Stingy Brim

Color: Navy-Multi
Sizes: Small


  What can we say? This fedora is our #1 suggestion for men and women when you need a “new” look. You know what we mean. An amazing “first” fedora as you are setting the bar much higher with this choice. People will notice.  Hat connoisseurs who have 🔥 🔥 🔥 hat game wear this hat, so we make it easy for you to dial up your hat game instantly. Just pick a color and size! Worn by many celebrities, influencers and featured in countless movies, the tear drop crown, low crown height and flexible stingy brim allow this hat to work with any face shape. The material is lightweight, breathable, and synthetic. It will not crush quickly and can be packed easily - so the hat will last. You simply cannot go wrong with this choice. Want to dress it up for the office? Night out for drinks? Stand out from the crowd and be a bad ass? Look no further, the hats gods have smiled down on you. Be an instant rock star, celebrity, interesting person about town. The person your partner has waited 20 years for. Wake up early, start an Instagram account, change your life. Now!


  If you are looking for solid colors, check out the “Born Traveler Stingy Brim,” which is has a very similar shape and height profile, but more solid colorways.


Cool Features:

  • Low height, works on any face shape
  • Short Stingy “Up” brim that can be shaped down for a traditional fedora look
  • Synthetic Packable Material
  • Comfort Sweatband
  • Sizes Small to XXL for most colors
  • Full 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor from the sun. Means the hat material filters out 98.5% of the sun’s harmful rays from directly hitting your skin



  • Trilby Shape
  • Teardrop Crown Shape (very top of hat)
  • 4 ½” Low Crown (top of the hat) height
  • 1 5/8” Snap Bring that can be worn up or down
  • Poly Braid Synthetic Material



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