Christys Knightbridge Felt Hat

Color: Black
Size: 7 1/4"


Christys' of London has been one of the worlds top hat makers for over 200 years. Their Panamas and felts are second to none in quality and fit.


The Knightsbridge is sometimes mistaken for a 'Classic Fedora', but with its softer crown and subtly narrower brim, it has an identity of its own. As its name suggests, this style is suitable for the stylish city dweller however is equally appropriate for well travellers across the globe. As with all of our fine fur felt hats it is handcrafted in our Oxfordshire factory.  


  • Material: 100% Fur Felt
  • Approx. Crown Height: 12cm
  • Approx Brim Width: 6.5cm

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