Havana Especial Blanco

Color: Natural/Black
Sizes: Small


Cuban cigars, rum and this hat and you are off to the races! The perfect vacation travel hat, this hat oozes with classic Panama hat vibes. Cream white, classy black ribbon, flattering tear-drop crown, 2 3/8” brim for sun protection. This really is the perfect hat if you want a look that has that Havana feel, or just a classy fedora hat with a little bit bigger brim. This classic fedora is our #1 suggestion for men and women when you need a little bit more brim. The material is a revolutionary Lite-Straw that can be crushed in and it bounces back. The #1 issue with cheaper basic hats is the moment they get sat on or crushed or something falls on them, they wrinkle and get damaged and do not look the same afterword. Essentially ruined. Not this hat. I love to show our customers in the store how I crush it in my hands and it magically bounces back. Really amazing and you know you are buying a solid hat. Also, compared to an actual Panama hat, this Lite-Straw material has an additional benefit of being water repellent. Panamas are beautiful works of art that can cost from $200 to thousands of dollars. You don’t want it to be your travel hat and get crushed or get caught in the rain with it. That’s what makes this Panama style hat the perfect travel hat for any gentlemen or lady.


Cool Features:

  • Lower crown height, works on any face shape
  • Medium sized down brim for a traditional fedora look
  • Amazing Lite-Straw material that is wrinkle/crush resistant, and water repellant
  • Comfort Sweatband
  • Sizes Small to XXL for most colors
  • Full 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor from the sun. Means the hat material filters out 98.5% of the sun’s harmful rays from directly hitting your skin



  • Classic Fedora Shape
  • Teardrop Crown Shape (very top of hat)
  • 4 ½” Low Crown height (from brim to top of the hat)
  • 2 3/8” mid-sized brim
  • Lite-Straw Straw



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